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nsresult nsGenericElement::SetAttrAndNotify ( PRInt32  aNamespaceID,
nsIAtom *  aName,
nsIAtom *  aPrefix,
const nsAString aOldValue,
nsAttrValue &  aParsedValue,
PRBool  aModification,
PRBool  aFireMutation,
PRBool  aNotify,
const nsAString aValueForAfterSetAttr 
) [protected, inherited]

Set attribute and (if needed) notify documentobservers and fire off mutation events.

aNamespaceID namespace of attribute
aAttribute local-name of attribute
aPrefix aPrefix of attribute
aOldValue previous value of attribute. Only needed if aFireMutation is true.
aParsedValue parsed new value of attribute
aModification is this a attribute-modification or addition. Only needed if aFireMutation or aNotify is true.
aFireMutation should mutation-events be fired?
aNotify should we notify document-observers?
aValueForAfterSetAttr If not null, AfterSetAttr will be called with the value pointed by this parameter.

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