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nsIScrollableView Class Reference

#include <nsIScrollableView.h>

Inherited by nsScrollPortView.

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Detailed Description

A scrolling view allows an arbitrary view that you supply to be scrolled vertically or horizontally (or both). The scrolling view creates and manages the scrollbars.

You must use SetScrolledView() to specify the view that is to be scrolled, because the scrolled view is made a child of the clip view (an internal child view created by the scrolling view).

Definition at line 63 of file nsIScrollableView.h.

Public Member Functions

NS_IMETHOD AddScrollPositionListener (nsIScrollPositionListener *aListener)=0
NS_IMETHOD CanScroll (PRBool aHorizontal, PRBool aForward, PRBool &aResult)=0
NS_IMETHOD GetContainerSize (nscoord *aWidth, nscoord *aHeight) const =0
NS_IMETHOD GetLineHeight (nscoord *aHeight)=0
NS_IMETHOD GetPageScrollDistances (nsSize *aDistances)=0
NS_IMETHOD GetScrolledView (nsIView *&aScrolledView) const =0
NS_IMETHOD GetScrollPosition (nscoord &aX, nscoord &aY) const =0
 NS_IMETHOD_ (nsIView *) View()=0
NS_IMETHOD RemoveScrollPositionListener (nsIScrollPositionListener *aListener)=0
NS_IMETHOD ScrollByLines (PRInt32 aNumLinesX, PRInt32 aNumLinexY, PRUint32 aUpdateFlags=0)=0
NS_IMETHOD ScrollByLinesWithOverflow (PRInt32 aNumLinesX, PRInt32 aNumLinexY, PRInt32 &aOverflowX, PRInt32 &aOverflowY, PRUint32 aUpdateFlags=0)=0
NS_IMETHOD ScrollByPages (PRInt32 aNumPagesX, PRInt32 aNumPagesY, PRUint32 aUpdateFlags=0)=0
NS_IMETHOD ScrollByPixels (PRInt32 aNumPixelsX, PRInt32 aNumPixelsY, PRInt32 &aOverflowX, PRInt32 &aOverflowY, PRUint32 aUpdateFlags=0)=0
NS_IMETHOD ScrollByWhole (PRBool aTop, PRUint32 aUpdateFlags=0)=0
NS_IMETHOD ScrollTo (nscoord aX, nscoord aY, PRUint32 aUpdateFlags)=0
NS_IMETHOD SetLineHeight (nscoord aHeight)=0
NS_IMETHOD SetScrolledView (nsIView *aScrolledView)=0

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