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void nsLayoutUtils::GetAllInFlowRects ( nsIFrame aFrame,
nsIFrame aRelativeTo,
RectCallback *  aCallback 
) [static]

Collect all CSS border-boxes associated with aFrame and its continuations, "drilling down" through outer table frames and some anonymous blocks since they're not real CSS boxes. The boxes are positioned relative to aRelativeTo (taking scrolling into account) and passed to the callback in frame-tree order. If aFrame is null, no boxes are returned. For SVG frames, returns one rectangle, the bounding box.

Definition at line 1508 of file nsLayoutUtils.cpp.

References GetAllInFlowBoxes().

Referenced by GetAllInFlowRectsUnion().

  BoxToBorderRect converter(aRelativeTo, aCallback);
  GetAllInFlowBoxes(aFrame, &converter);

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